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Diary of slimness Day 5. There are first results

Today is the 5th day of my journey to slimness. Friday. In the morning I got up on the scale - 69 kg. I started on Monday with a weight of 70.7. I think the swelling has Gone, and the process of losing weight has begun.

There were no breakdowns these days. Yesterday morning I made a delicious meal cottage cheese dessert. The only thing-put a little gelatin, and it did not hold the shape as it should.

Cottage cheese dessert

The author of the recipe Olga (@olya_pins) I love her YouTube channel very much.

  • Milk - 100 ml
  • gelatin - 10 grams
  • cottage cheese (briquette) - 200 gram
  • sweetening

I added more coconut flakes.


There was oatmeal on water with a banana and Apple, bread. Coffee with or without milk nowhere.


For lunch, I made a soup. Light, flavorful, chicken broth with green peas. My children like it very much.

A bowl of soup is only 190 calories! And very satisfying. Piece yeast-free bread.

We went to Auchan in the evening. I bought bread and 2 types of bran. Crispy - very tasty, I took already similar.


For dinner there was buckwheat and vegetable salad. And bread with a piece of cheese, I really wanted it.

The total number of visitors for the day was 1300 kcal.

Water. I forgot to write about water. I drink water, but I don't drink the normal amount yet.

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