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A plump girl was abandoned by her husband, and she lost 130 kg and became a beauty. (photos Before and After)

I welcome all readers of my channel. Nowadays, it is difficult to resist various sweets and Goodies. And people who have weak willpower, sometimes begin to simply depend on overeating. Every time they want to there is more and more.

They themselves understand that it is harmful to their health, but I can do nothing about it and continue to gain weight . Just such was our heroine, Sarah. Even at a young age, she was the biggest girl in her class.

Sarah as a young woman

Everyone teased her, she wanted to be thin and beautiful. But she was constantly nervous, began to eat even more and rapidly gained weight. Eventually, she stopped paying attention to the haters. And her young man, Karl, also comforted and supported her.

Sarah ate in the kitchen large-scale and very often. Her favorite foods were sandwiches, fast food, and chocolate bars . At night, she could Wake up because she was hungry again, and only when she had completely satisfied her hunger did she go back to sleep.

Sarah as a young woman

This food is very good it was taking a toll on Sarah's health. She couldn't walk properly and was constantly out of breath. Over time, the young man began to reproach the girl, forcing her to go on diets.

The girl resented her Karl, but tried to stick to a diet, sometimes even starved for days. But then constantly broke down and gained even more weight. They began to have constant scandals and soon the young man left Sarah.

She started feeling stressed again and gained even more weight. But after the she was turned away by her beloved man, something clicked inside her and she promised herself to lose everything. I tried to starve again, but then I gained the same weight again.

Sarah decided to take a step-by-step approach, eliminating harmful foods from her diet. First, she ruled out mayonnaise and ketchup, after a while she already saw the result and even began to feel better. Then she limited herself to baked goods.

Weight loss process

Then I tried to stop eating chocolate, but I couldn't stop completely. But almost completely stopped eating sugar in its purest form. I started doing physical exercises with a trainer. She worked harder than anyone and every day, her result became better.

With the loan, she switched to proper nutrition, which was compiled for her by her Trainer. I've made up my own meal and workout schedules and it's been a long time coming. the excess weight began to melt before my eyes.

Sarah will be right back.

Its maximum weight was 210 kg and within a year it weighed only 80 kg Sarah has changed beyond recognition and continues to change to this day. Now she is being cared for by young people who they used to shy away from it.

That's how just one goal and perseverance helped make such a result. Looking back, she couldn't believe the extent to which she'd let herself go. But she was able to overcome herself and become what she wanted to be.

Sarah na meeting

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