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Cauliflower puree: your favorite keto side dish

If earlier, before keto, you loved potatoes dearly and now suffer from the fact that you can not enjoy mashed potatoes with cutlets, then I have good news for you.

Cauliflower puree is even prepared faster than potatoes! And if you make it correctly, then not everyone will guess that this dish is not made from potatoes. It is perfectly combined with chicken cutlets and pork chop, supplemented with a piece of pickle...

In cauliflower, unlike potatoes, there is no starch. But in it - a whole bunch of vitamins, minerals, and even-the substance indole-3-carbinol, which has antitumor activity . All women, especially after the age of 40, should at least occasionally include cauliflower (and other cruciferous vegetables) in their diet to prevent cancer.
This is what cauliflower looks like. Image from site 5-

How to prepare cauliflower keto puree:

1. If you use fresh cabbage - you need to disassemble it into inflorescences, wash, peel and cut into small pieces "bushes". If frozen - defrost and if necessary, also cut the large inflorescences into smaller ones.

2. Fill the cabbage with a small amount of water (to barely cover the vegetables), bring to a boil and cook until soft (5-10 minutes).

If you have chicken broth, then you can use it instead of water.

3. After cooking, we drain the water and add a little warmed fat cream to the cabbage (20-33%). How much cream to add depends on the consistency you want to puree.

Adding also salt and favorite spices ( cauliflower "go" Basil, dill, nutmeg, coriander or garlic ).

If you cooked the cabbage in the broth, you don't have to drain and make mashed potatoes right in the broth-based.

4. Using the submersible pump in a blender, chop the cabbage inflorescences with cream or broth until puree.

5. Finishing touch - put a good piece of butter (15-20 g) in the portion of puree and mix it properly.

6. Serve this side dish hot! There is nothing more sadder than cold cauliflower puree. However, the mashed potatoes on my plate have never had time to cool down...))

And finally, let's see the cauliflower SOUP:

The calculation is performed in the program "Chlorinator.roo"

At first glance it might it seems that there are a lot of carbohydrates, and that on a strict keto diet, you can only afford a little more than 100 g of cauliflower at a time. But keep in mind that of the 5.4 g of carbohydrates in cabbage, 2.5 g is fiber, which we don't count. That changes things completely, doesn't it? )))

Cook for your health!

With Love, Your Goldfish

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