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✅Interval fasting🍽 + Protein diet🥚 day 9🤪

Time flies fast and I lose weight just as fast.My mood is sometimes good, sometimes not so good)) Forces also on the diet at some point became not enough!

On the 5th day there was a strong weakness, I had to break a little later diet.😜

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I gathered energy and decided to go for 12 days instead of ten.😉

I don't weigh myself every day now , especially after yesterday's diet.
The weigh-in will be tomorrow. I still observe the meal interval.
I eat from 12 to 18.00, three meals!☝

What I ate yesterday!😋

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The other day my parents sent me a message children are given gifts, since we have not seen each other for a very long time and I had Breakfast:

12.00-berries, favorite strawberries))
I will tell you honestly that they did not satiate me very much and digested it quite quickly)))
But the meal was already full))
15.00-cabbage cutlets and minced meat! It's a real Riley with a minimum of oil added.

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Dinner was at 18.00 - after the cutlets, I drank a glass of ryazhenka and that was it.

So today, my dear readers🤗 and guests of my channel�� i am again I eat on a diet and I think that I will not break the remaining days.

The menu of the diet on which I am now, you can read HERE.

I don't know at all how I manage to survive on a diet in conditions of self-isolation�� My husband used to work, and my children were at school.

Now constantly all at home and chew something and my husband cooks every now and then))🤪

But nothing, I can stand it, there are only 3 days left, already more than half of the way is passed!

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I also continue to take care of myself. She busied herself with her face. Nothing supernatural) just apply with morning patches, serums by skin type and all sorts of creams))

✅This is all my news!😊

✅I wish You all a good mood and take care of yourself and your loved ones!🙏🙏🙏

✅Lose weight further and stick together, my dear!!🙌

✅Success and us forces will!! 💪 👍

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