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I lose weight from 116kg to 36 days. I'm changing my tactics

Hi, everybody. I am losing weight from a weight of 116 kg, and today is the 36th day of my weight loss. I analyzed my previous weight loss techniques and decided to change something.

I believe that movement is necessary for everyone, for people with a lot of weight, it is also necessary, that movement is the basis of health. In addition, the movement helps to burn calories, and therefore serves as an aid in weight loss. As well as the movement making the body more fit and creates a beautiful shape.

If you have read my channel before, you may remember how I made a training plan and a list of exercises for training.

I'm moving on to the next stage. I'm making a home workout plan.

Training diary. Why it is needed. And what the pulse should be.

I also showed you how I work out at home, what exercises I do:

The first lesson at home.

The first time I do the plank exercise. Video. It looks like fun from the outside.)

116 kg is not a reason to lower your hands, it is a reason to wave your legs.

Our hands are not for boredom. It's time to get some dumbbells.

Back exercises at home.

What can help from sagging skin when losing weight? I do an exercise to strengthen my arm muscles.

But now, after a month, I realized that I had chosen the wrong tactics. My training plan had failed miserably, and my list of exercises was useless.

Why? Very simple reason: at my place there is no habit, no need to move. I have been sitting still for many years,and now it is very difficult for me to get my body to regularly do serious exercises. Both the body and the mind are resisting with all their might. Each time for the lesson I need to make a considerable effort of will. Sometimes I can force myself, but more often I can't. I immediately I set the bar too high for myself and couldn't take it. That was my mistake. And knute's method didn't work.

Now I'm changing tack. I will not force myself to do complex exercises that require a lot of effort. I will do what you want me to do. it is relatively easy for me to do what I like, I.e. I will rise above my previous state by one step, even half a step. And I will be very happy with it.

In practice, it looks like this. I don't tell myself anymore: "Now I will get up as soon as I do an exercise for the press 30 times!" I tell myself: "Now I just I'll get up and move as much and in as many ways as I want." I can do simple exercises quite a bit, but I can get into the excitement and work out for a longer and more thorough time. The main thing is that I do it without compulsion, for fun. A little compulsion is simply to get up and start study.

I use more the movements that I like. For example, I like to walk, and I walk around my apartment for an hour every day. I like to organize mini competitions with children to perform some exercises. And we sometimes compete to see who does the most dumbbell presses or the longest it will stay in the plank. Such mini-competitions are more fun and add interest to "these meaningless body movements." And most importantly, my mini classes have finally become regular.

As I moved a little bit each day, I began to notice that I was already feeling better there is a desire to move. And I began to add a little more activity. But again, there is no violence against them. I expect that over time the desire to move will become greater, because the muscles will strengthen a little, and the weight will decrease, which means that it will be easier and more pleasant to move. And my workout plan and list of exercises I still need they'll come in handy later.

In food, I have a similar tactic. I don't limit myself too much. I try to cut down on foods that are harmful to my figure a little. But I don't have any restrictions. Therefore, there is no agony, discomfort and barely restrained desire to eat. My only strict restriction is the meal time from 9 to 17 hours.

I believe that if a person who is used to eating sweets and loves them is abruptly deprived of these sweets, then he will be stressed, and for a long time his endurance will not be enough. If a person is used to eating with basins, and then abruptly begins to eat like a bird, then only iron willpower can save him from a breakdown. And not everyone can use it boast. That is why many hundreds of times try to lose weight, but then give up, not coping.

Therefore, here, too, it is better to apply the tactic of gradual change. Yes, it will take longer, and you will need to wait longer for the results. But tell yourself, how long have You been trying and giving up? Gradually you would have made significant progress in all that time by now.

By the way, the weight after standing still for several days began to move slightly downward. So I hope that in a week there will be a result that will suit me. And I, as I already wrote earlier, I'm in no hurry. I am losing weight for my health and consider rapid weight loss more harmful than useful.

Perhaps this tactic of nonviolence is not suitable for everyone. Perhaps someone acts better in harsh conditions. But if someone didn't get it hard, try it differently, maybe you will like it, and the case will move on from the dead points.

Go on foot, organize competitions with children, play ball, dance, let the movement bring you joy!

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