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How to avoid overeating when you are at home all the time

Being at home all day near the refrigerator, many people began to overeat and gain extra pounds. Now people spend all or almost all day at home, so they eat everything without noticing reserves.

Based on the opinions of nutritionists, we will give you the necessary tips on how to stay at home with a beautiful figure. Read on, how not to lose the awareness that it is not worth spoiling your body during the quarantine period.

Plan your menu 

Make a menu plan for your day or week in advance. Make sure that your food is healthy and nutritious. You don't know how to do this? Then, plan as follows: eat 20g of protein, carbohydrates, a little fat and necessarily vegetables! Without the protein and fiber you will experience the feeling of hunger.

Decide on your meal time

When a person it starts to live without a working schedule, it gets out of sync with the General mode. Regardless of whether you need to go anywhere, plan your day. You should know the time of eating, sports, and recreation.

The presence of a regime will help to save your body from unnecessary calories and unnecessary food. Organize your exact meal times and menu.

Don't forget about water

People often eat when they are thirsty. They confuse thirst and hunger. Be sure to drink a glass of water before eating, then wait 10-15 minutes. And only then start eating.

Prepare in advance

Don't cook when you're hungry. Most likely, even in the during the cooking process, you will eat a lot of extra calories. Try to have your next meal waiting for you in the refrigerator. Approach cooking when you are full.

Do not eat with gadiem

If you work from home, do not take your phone or computer with you at the table during meals. Leave the gadget is in another room or away from the kitchen table. The body should not be distracted from eating.

Don't eat out of boredom, depression, or resentment

You should only eat when you really want to eat. Do not go to the kitchen when you are bored, lonely or afraid. Food is a substitute for emotions. Try, when you are restless, take a warm bath. Or listen to music, or call a friend. Try to distract yourself from eating.

The best advice for overeating is to stop. Decided to eat, try drinking water and 15 minutes to do something else. If you are still hungry, eat. But only a healthy one squeak.

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